Development and Training is what we’re all about

Baruch Training Solutions (BTS)

At Baruch Training Solutions we offer free introductory courses to Fundamentals of call centers. There are different modules that are covered, and candidates receive a recognized certificate on successful completion of the training. BTS also places staff onto various campaigns, and training consists of the theory methods of sales as well as the practical excercises which includes live training experiences on the sales floor.

Candidates are trained and consistently developed, in order to gain experience in Telemarketing and also develop their sales knowledge and skills. All are welcome to register, and follow through a selection process. Assessments and tests are completed after each module, and an overall test of the knowledge and experience gained, occurs at the end of the training course. The courses varies from 2-4 weeks.

To apply for an opportunity to be given this knowledge and experience, please forward your CV to /